In-Class Workshops

In-Class Workshops

These interactive workshops last up to 90 minutes. Students are required to participate through group discussion, and through individual and group activities, which give them the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned in the workshop. Some of the most popular In-Class Workshops include APA Fundamentals, Oral Presentations, and Resume and Cover Letter Writing. All In-Class Workshops can be tailored to specific courses, and topics not currently listed may be requested.


Mini In-Class Workshops:

These interactive workshops last up to 45 minutes. They are designed as abbreviated versions of In-Class Workshops or in conjunction with topics addressed in CARP’s Helpful Handouts. Some of the most popular Mini In-Class Workshops include Integrating Visuals, Persuasive and Professional Writing in Business, and Transitions.

If you are an SF State faculty member interested in having CARP facilitate one of these workshops in your class, please fill out the Workshop Inquiry Form below. CARP’s workshop schedule fills up quickly and several workshops must be tailored to specific courses, so you are encouraged to submit an inquiry form at least 4 weeks in advance of the desired date for the workshop.


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