Fellowship Program

GWAR Writing Fellowship Program

The GWAR Fellowship Program places a Writing, Reading, and Study Skills (WRSS) Tutor in a GWAR course, at the request of a professor, to provide writing assistance to students. In collaboration with the professor and at their direction, the WRSS Fellow participates in class discussions, facilitates and supports small group discussions regarding the writing process and writing skills, and offers individual or small group review and suggestions based on course assignments and grading criteria. Additionally, the Writing Fellow takes notes on class material, discussions, and lectures related to important content and conventions of writing in the specific discipline. The Writing Fellow uses this information to develop topic specific, drop-in Review Hours for students, outside of the class time, in order to provide students with additional, targeted writing support. 

CARP has placed WRSS Fellows in a variety of GWAR courses across several different disciplines. These courses include History 300, Business 300, International Relations 309, Environmental Studies 450, Criminal Justice 323, and Sociology 300.

 How can WRSS Fellows support students in a GWAR class?

  • Participate in class discussions to clarify and answer questions regarding the writing process
  • Facilitate and support in-class writing activities and provide meaningful feedback
  • Meet with students (individually or in groups) during class to discuss areas of concern or improvement in writing (at the behest of the professor)
  • Refer students to CARP tutorial services and workshops
  • Hold topic-specific, drop-in Review Hours where students work on class projects and assignments and receive individualized feedback from the fellow

Mathematics Fellowship Program

The Mathematics Fellowship Program places a Mathematics, Science, and Business (MSB) Tutor in a Mathematics course, at the request of a professor, to provide additional assistance to students. The Mathematics Fellow participates in group work scenarios by asking leading questions and providing conceptual explanations, both of which help students identify errors and better understand the problems they are working on. 

Mathematics Fellows provide additional academic support outside of class through Review Hours, where tutors offer targeted instruction and review on specific assignment and exam topics. The Math Fellow can also facilitate Workshops and Review Hours specifically designed to assist students from the Fellowship class. The Math Fellow also serves as a bridge between the class and CARP by making sure students are aware of CARP tutorial services. The Fellow learns the pace and concerns of these specific students and shares this information with other tutors to prepare for future tutoring sessions. When students enrolled in the course seek tutorial support at CARP, all MSB Tutors are fully informed on the course’s content, assignments, and the professor's expectations. 

How can  MSB Fellows support students in their Fellowship classes? 

  • Encourage students to utilize CARP tutoring services and seek extra assistance with their studies
  • Provide updates to students on upcoming CARP events such as Math Workshops and Review Hours as well as facilitate specialized events designed around the specific needs of the students
  • Assist the professor with class activities and group discussion by addressing student struggles, guiding problem solving, and asking inductive questions to assess student knowledge
  • Provide thorough answers to questions related to current math questions and concepts
  • Take notes about class assignments, discussions, lectures, professor expectations, course content relevant to math assignments and concepts specific to the discipline to provide to CARP tutors

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