Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I make an appointment for a tutoring session?

Answer: Appointments can be made by phone or in-person during our tutoring hours. Appointments cannot be made before CARP opens or after CARP closes; you may only make appointments during tutoring hours. Please see Tutoring page for more information.

Question: How much does tutoring cost?

Answer: Nothing. Tutoring at CARP is free for all SF State students, so take advantage of this. Unfortunately, we do not tutor non-SF State students.

Question: How many appointments may I schedule per week?

Answer: Two per unit per week. Students are only allowed to make appointments at least 24 hours but no more than 1 week in advance and are restricted to two appointments a week for each unit (Math, Science, and Business or Writing, Reading, and Study Skills). Students may not have more than one tutorial session per day per unit.

Question: What is the difference between an appointment and a drop-in session?

Answer: An appointment is a scheduled session with a specific tutor; a drop-in session is when you come in unannounced without calling or scheduling an appointment first. You are never guaranteed a session if you simply drop-in, so we encourage you to make appointments if you can. Please see Tutoring page for more information.

Question: Do you have group tutoring sessions?

Answer: Yes, you may participate in group tutorial sessions if you and a fellow classmate need help in a class. Group sessions are limited to 2 students in order to allow the tutor to give adequate attention to each student. We typically only offer group tutorial sessions for mathematics, science, and business. However, if for some reason you and another student would like to receive group tutoring for writing, reading, and study skills, simply let us know, and we will look into whether or not we can do so.

Question: For which subjects can I receive tutoring?

Answer: CARP offers tutoring for writing, reading, and study skills in any academic discipline across the curriculum. For a list of the most popular subjects tutored by the WRSS Unit, please the WRSS Unit page. CARP also offers content tutoring for mathematics, science, and business. For a list of the subjects that CARP currently tutors, please see the MSB Unit page.

Question: How long will my tutoring session last?

Answer: For appointments, we offer tutoring sessions of up to 60 minutes, depending on what time you schedule an appointment. Our reception staff will let you know the exact start time of your appointment and the length of your appointment. For drop-in tutoring sessions, your session length may vary depending on the time you drop in and if you come in during the last hour of tutoring.

Question: Will my tutor proofread or “fix” my paper?

Answer: No, your tutor will not proofread or “fix” your paper for you. However, your tutor can provide you with valuable feedback and strategies you may use to proofread on your own. Your tutor can also point out typical patterns of grammatical and rhetorical errors you make in your writing so that you have a better understanding of what to proofread and edit for on your own. Your tutor can also guide you through this process to help you understand how to best use these strategies.

Question: Can you tell me my tutor’s availability schedule?

Answer: For security and privacy reasons, we don’t disclose our tutors' schedules. However, if you wish to see a tutor you worked with in a previous session, you may request to see them again when you make an appointment or drop-in. It is not guaranteed that the tutor you request will be available.