The Hook

March 2018

Welcome to CARP’s March edition of The Hook. We hope this Spring semester has been great! As we approach the middle of the semester, we want to remind you of CARP’s hours and location:

  • CARP’s tutoring hours for the rest of the semester are:
    • Monday-Thursday: 4:00pm-8:00pm
    • Friday: 11:00am-2:00pm
  • CARP is located in:
    • HSS 344
  • To make an appointment, call (415) 405-0971 or come into HSS 344 during our open hours listed above.

*** Starting this Spring semester online CARP registration will be available for students. Click here to register for CARP. Please note online registration will NOT schedule appointments. For appointments come to HSS 344 or call 415-405-0971 during open hours.***

Campus Closed

We want to remind you CARP will be closed during Spring break and Cesar Chavez Day. We will resume tutoring on March 26th.

  • Spring Break: March 19th – March 23rd
  • Cesar Chavez Day: March 30th
Are you looking for a job?

CARP is currently accepting applications but will schedule interviews after spring break. Preference will be given to students who can work multiple semesters.

*All application must feature a cover letter, resume, unofficial transcripts from all Universities attended, (for Writing Unit two writing samples of 10-15 pages/ can be sections of larger work), and an availability form. You can also visit our website to fill out availability forms.

**Please only apply to one job at a time and do not send the same materials to multiple Units (i.e. Writing, Math, and Front Desk).

Upcoming Workshop Reminders

CARP offers a wide variety of workshops available to all SFSU undergraduates. Our October workshops focus on various math concepts, ranging from algebra to calculus, and how to prepare for math tests. Below are some reminders to register for our workshops.

  • There are two ways to register for upcoming workshops
    1. Come to HSS 346 with your SFSU student ID
    2. Use our Workshop online registration form here
  • You have up until 30 minutes before the workshops begin to register
  • If you cannot make it to the following days and times for these workshops, you can make a tutoring appointment and a tutor will review the same material with you one-on-one. You can still receive an acknowledgment form and some students find this to be more helpful!
March 2018
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
03/01 03/02
03/05 03/06 03/07 03/08 03/09
03/12 03/13 03/14 03/15 03/16
03/19 03/20 03/21 03/22 03/23
Spring Break! Spring Break! Spring Break! Spring Break! Spring Break!
03/26 03/27 03/28 03/29 03/30
Forces Workshop (PHYS 111/220) 3:10pm-4:40pm Location: TBD Differentiation Rules (MATH 226) 10:10am-11:40pm Location: TBD Cesar Chavez Day: Campus Closed

Thank you for supporting CARP! We look forward to working with you.

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