Northern California Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Conference

CARP’s Writing, Reading, and Study Skills (WRSS) Unit Coordinators were invited to participate in the Northern California Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Conference. The Coordinators prepared a 45-minute presentation based on research conducted and Peer Response Workshops which were piloted in the Fall 2013 semester. CARP’s Coordinator’s designed a workshop which includes an abbreviated version of the revised Peer Response Workshop. The attendees participated in the workshop and responded to a writing excerpt using CARP’s identification-based peer response questions. The Coordinators demonstrated the value of using identification-based questions, which tend to yield more productive responses, instead of judgment-based questions, which tend to yield less specific responses. The Coordinators also explained the importance of the introduction of a Peer Response Workshop for engaging the students in the process. Lastly, the Coordinators demonstrated the importance of assisting students in discussing and applying the feedback as appropriate during the conclusion of the workshop. Below you will find CARP’s bibliography for the peer response research done during the Summer 2013 session and Fall 2013 semester.

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