Peer Response Workshops

CARP offers in-class Peer Response Workshops during which CARP's tutor-facilitators guide students through the peer response process.

  • The workshop begins with an introduction to the purpose and intended outcomes of peer response in order to properly inform and engage the students in the process.
  • Next, the students are provided with CARP’s peer response worksheet, which includes a list of questions to consider while reading through the paper for the first time. Additionally, it includes a list of identification questions, rather than judgment questions, for students to answer as they read the paper more thoroughly a second time.
  • Following the response segment, CARP’s tutor-facilitators review the responses with the students in small groups, and they help them understand ways to implement the feedback in order to improve their papers.

CARP also offers tailored Peer Response Workshops for courses including Business 300, History 300, Sociology 300, Hospitality and Tourism Management 300, and Art 602. Each of those workshops are tailored to address specific assignments in the course, and the peer response worksheets are tailored to facilitate the most beneficial feedback from the students.

If you are an SF State faculty member interested in a Peer Response Workshop, please provide detailed information for the course assignment, and writing expectations and conventions within the discipline that the workshop will be addressing in the section of the inquiry form below titled, “Any Special Considerations.” CARP’s workshop schedule fills up quickly and several workshops must be tailored to specific courses, so you are encouraged to submit an inquiry form at least 2 weeks in advance of the desired date for the workshop.

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