Students with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations are encouraged to contact CARP. The Disability Programs and Resource Center is available to facilitate the reasonable accommodations process.

CARP’s interactive Study Skills and Content-Based Workshops are offered at the tutorial center and throughout campus.

If you would like to attend a workshop, please follow these steps:

1. Register with CARP - You can do this online (here), at our office, or in-person at the workshop. We ask that you register for CARP so that we can ensure that you are an SF State student and streamline the process if you ever seek a tutoring session from us.

2. Register for the Workshop - You can do this online (here), at our office, or in-person at the workshop. 

Space is limited, so you are encouraged to sign up in advance.

CARP’s In-Class Workshops, Mini In-Class Workshops, and Peer Response Workshops are facilitated during class time at the request of faculty. If you are an SF State faculty member interested in having CARP facilitate one of these workshops in your class, please fill out the Workshop Inquiry Form on one of the designated workshops pages to the left. CARP’s workshop schedule fills up quickly and several workshops must be tailored to specific courses, so you are encouraged to submit an inquiry form at least 4 weeks in advance of the desired date for the workshop.