Students with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations are encouraged to contact CARP. The Disability Programs and Resource Center is available to facilitate the reasonable accommodations process.

CARP’s interactive Study Skills and Content-Based Workshops are offered at the tutorial center and throughout campus. If you are an SF State student and want to attend one of these workshops, please come to HSS 346 with your SF State student ID to register, Monday-Thursday between 9:00AM-8:00PM, or Friday between 9:00AM-2:00PM. Space is limited, so you are encouraged to sign up in advance.

CARP’s In-Class Workshops, Mini In-Class Workshops, and Peer Response Workshops are facilitated during class time at the request of faculty. If you are an SF State faculty member interested in having CARP facilitate one of these workshops in your class, please fill out the Workshop Inquiry Form on one of the designated workshops pages to the left. CARP’s workshop schedule fills up quickly and several workshops must be tailored to specific courses, so you are encouraged to submit an inquiry form at least 4 weeks in advance of the desired date for the workshop.


"I really have never done a peer review in my own GWAR class that was any better than that one! The class was very vibrant & the students' remarks in groups and in the whole class were so specific. They will never get better writing instruction than they did that day."

-Dr. Mary Soliday, English Professor and Director of WAC/WID

"I saw an enormous amount of improvement in the effective use of evidence and textual support to substantiate the claims made in the students’ papers. While the clarity of papers definitely improved, following the structural requirements of the assignment became the norm among the papers, rather than the exception. The fact that CARP staff specifically tailored the peer response questions to the assignment certainly contributed to this change. During the in-class session, I overheard several pairs and groups of students discussing the prepared response questions and arriving at conclusions like, ‘oh, that's what we're supposed to be doing here.’ If anything, the list of questions was a highly effective tool for students to better understand the assignment actively for themselves, rather than passively listen to the instructor describe it or hand out a simplified information sheet."

-Philosophy instructor

"It was most helpful having the opportunity to ask questions, having another perspective on my writing, and learning other ways to state my main points."

-Sociology student

"It was a comfortable, judgment-free atmosphere, and the presenter was very friendly and helped to get the group talking."

-Philosophy student

"It was most helpful having a set questions and things to look for while reading, having the presenter look over and guide our peer review sessions, and having questions that made me think critically about my peer’s writing."

-Hospitality and Tourism Management student

"The presenter was great. The most helpful part was that she was always positive and supportive, and when it came to making improvements, she never once criticized our work. She created an open and positive environment where we could feel free to express our opinions."

-Hospitality and Tourism Management student

"Your presenters were excellent. It really makes me want to use your tutoring services. Really well done!"

-Accounting student

"I was really helpful to learn how to plan out my day on an hourly schedule, break down a project so that it isn’t too overwhelming and more doable, and how to recognize burn out and what to do about it."

-Biology student

"I learned how to use Cornell notes, outlining, and annotated notes for both Math 60/70 and English! The workshop was excellent!"

-Undeclared student